Rochester Cathedral Tea Rooms are one of top 25 in Kent!

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Kent Life have named the Cathedral Tea Rooms as one of the top places to visit in Kent for tea. The lifestyle magazine particularly praised the outdoor area:

“In summer, there is also outdoor seating for 58 in a historic garden that boasts a beautiful magnolia tree and a newly-restored section of Roman wall (c. 200 AD)”

Our Support

Colyer Fergusson were delighted to part fund the development and building work currently taking place at Rochester Cathedral, to be unveiled later this year. Rochester Cathedral said of the developement:

“This is a special place and a special time for Rochester Cathedral. Medway is on the verge of major regeneration and it’s only right that the Cathedral should play a central role in it. The Cathedral is an iconic building for Medway and we contribute at so many levels – to social outreach, art and culture, heritage and tourism, education and citizenship, the environment, and above all faith and spirituality.  This is not a time to be inward-looking, but an opportunity to reach out and engage positively with the real needs of the community around us.”


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