New School and Rugby Club in Dartford Set To Open by 2020

By 2018, Dartford council have confirmed that the brand new Dartford Valley Rugby Club should be ready to use.

Just two years later in 2020 a new school in Stone Valley is planned to open in September, ready for its first intake of students.

The school will accommodate 1,500 pupils, with eight classes for every year.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 10.29.28.png

Both projects are being built on the Stone Lodge site, which is a 79-acre site in Cotton Lane, Dartford. The land is owned by Dartford council and used to house Stone House Hospital.

Stone House Hospital, which closed in 2005 and was redeveloped into new homes, now called “The Residence”

In December 2016, Dartford councillors agreed to sell a portion of the land to the Department of Communities and Local Government so that they could build a new secondary school.

In an interview with Kent News Online Jeremy Kite (Leader of Dartford council), said:

“We have to trust those who build schools that they are building the right one for the area. It’s been a long, drawn out process but I’m really pleased. There were two commitments we made to the community of Stone and we kept them both. The first was that we were content on delivering a school there and we need to make clear of course there were other opportunities for that land. I suspect there are other councils that would build a lot of homes on there.”

“I think we made a very good commitment to the community that first of all we were going to try and secure a school and secondly we were going to limit the built environment that wasn’t to do with recreation and public service to 25% and we kept both of those.”

“We could have built a lot of homes on it but that would have been the entirely wrong thing to do. I think we exercised great responsibility over the years.”

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