New Members for 2018 Kent Youth County Council Announced

The Kent Youth County Council attending Parliament in 2011. Image courtesy of iNews, KYCC

Kent Youth County Council voices the views and opinions of Kent’s young people. The Council helps young people understand the importance of engaging in the democratic process and learn how their vote can make a difference.

On Sunday 25th February Jenn Power was elected as the Youth Council Chair for 2018. Kyle Siwek was elected Vice Chair and Oliver Bramley was elected as the new Finance and Democracy Officer with Eleanor Burnaby-Rouse as his Deputy.

Four young people are elected to represent each district in Kent, as well as four deputy members, totalling eight members per district. In addition to this, twelve young people are also elected to community seats.

Each year the new members choose 3 issues to campaign on which are important to young people.

Last year, 78 young people were been elected as KYCC members and deputies to represent young people across Kent. A total of 21,734 young people voted in the elections, deciding their local representatives and deciding on the 3 Campaigns, which they focussed on.

These were:

The KYCC Curriculum for Life Campaign

Alika, the 2018 Chair of Curriculum for Life had this to say in Kent County Youth Council’s March Newsletter:

“This year with our Vice Chair Beth and of course our members, we are aiming to look at how we can create a Curriculum for Life tools using various members technological skills. We also want to evaluate and decide on what are the most effective methods of promoting our ideas such as using social media or lobbying. Additionally we would like to independently meet with heads of our local schools and see what would work best for their students and staff in terms of content and logistics.”

The KYCC Anti-Bullying Campaign

In 2018 in the anti-bullying campaign group, Kent County Youth Council plan to make more videos about people who have been bullied.

They are also planning to complete a booklet, which is intended as a resource for schools, as well as doing presentations in schools around Kent.

The KYCC Mental Health Campaign

The Mental Health Campaign plans to put on a show celebrating “being yourself” as well as creating a mental health pack intended as a resource for family and friends of those with mental health issues, as well as a source of information and help for the sufferers themselves.

Find out who is representing your area in the Kent Youth County Council here

Colyer-Fergusson Charitable Trust was established in 1969 by Sir James Colyer-Fergusson. Since then,  the Trustees have made grants in his honour to preserve beautiful Kent churches, promote musical and academic excellence and support local communities . In recent years the Trust has made grants to improve the quality of life of local people by funding community projects that tackle poverty and social exclusion. It has also supported the sustainability of local churches and in particular their role as an important community resource. The trustees regularly review and revise their funding policies to ensure that Trust money continues to be well spent.

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